Sonia Gandhi – The woman we failed to know

How does it feel to leave your entire life behind you and get married to someone?

Leaving your parents, family, friends, home – what do you think – is that easy for a woman?

Being a woman myself, I can straightway say – no, it isn’t. It can never be.

Now, imagine the plight of a woman, who left everything and travelled across the miles to live with her husband.

How would she feel to live in a nation where daughters-in-law are considered as the Griha-Lakshmi?

How would she feel to be a part of a land which believes in the concept of Atithi Devo Bhavah more than anything else?

She sure, would be delighted.

Every woman would be blessed to be a part of such a nation.

Yes! You read it right!

There’s this one woman who has been living in India for almost five decades now, but still couldn’t get the acceptance of a nation which is known for its warm hospitality and friendliness.

There’s this one woman who has left all that she had, to be a part of a land where love emanates from every nook and corner, but still couldn’t feel loved in the ‘proud’ nation of 1.3 billion people.

Hate is all that she’s getting.

“Why? What’s her fault?” you may ask.

Well, she has committed two serious mistakes in her life: first, she was born in Italy; and second that she got married into the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Indian National Congress, became an Indian bahu decades ago – but she is still a foreigner for many Indians.

The purpose of writing this piece is not to discuss Sonia Gandhi’s political career, or to analyse her leadership skills or her metier.

The purpose is to discuss a woman who is living in India for almost fifty years now, and is still being considered as an outsider by the Indians.

A woman whose Janmabhoomi is Italy, and Karambhoomi is India, still gets judged by her Janmabhoomi. And we are fine with that.

The purpose of writing this piece is to ascertain why? Why are we fine with that?

Why can’t we move over the fact that she was born in another country, but today she is as much an Indian as any of us is?

This piece is not an attempt to know Sonia Gandhi, a politician.

It is an attempt to know Sonia Gandhi, a woman.

Because she is not what the BJP propaganda machine made us believe that she is, or the WhatsApp messages have portrayed her to be. She is way beyond that.

Like the majority of Indians, I also don’t know Sonia Gandhi. I have never met her.

But, just a while ago, I came across this book called ‘The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi’ by Neena Gopal and read it. And I am glad that I did so – for if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have got the time to think about every single woman out there who gets subjected to malevolence and still gathers herself to face more of it.

Neena Gopal was the last journalist to interview Rajiv Gandhi and was an eyewitness of his assassination. Although, I have read almost all the books on Rajiv Gandhi’s life and his assassination, this book really stopped me in my tracks. BJP’s propaganda has delimited Sonia Gandhi so badly, that the ‘real Sonia Gandhi’ couldn’t be brought out in the open.

And even when she has been one of the worst-hit victims of malicious beguilement all these years, never for once has she played the victim card.

Such is the stature of this woman. And I am told that she’s a very compassionate person.

The woman that we failed to know!

A life ended too soon

How does one cope up with the death of a loved one?

How does a woman survives when she receives the mutilated body of her husband – the man for whom she left everything?

How does a woman, a wife and a mother of two little children, bears the fact that she will never ever see her husband’s smile, listen to his voice, or feel his presence besides her again?

The mere thought of a woman who has lost her husband at a young age gives me a lump in my throat every time I think of it. And that’s something which can only be understood by someone who herself is a woman, a mother, or a wife.

The above excerpt from Neena Gopal’s book made me realise the agony of this woman that we know as Sonia Gandhi, and I kept on thinking about her for hours after reading this. The thoughts that kept my mind occupied were that maybe we, as a country, have been extremely cold and compassionless towards her.

I feel that the Gandhi family has sacrificed way too much for the country. Yes, it has enjoyed power, but then the very same power hasn’t come easy for this family.

Sonia Gandhi has been someone who has always maintained her calm in front of the media. Her grit is incredible. But, imagine the turmoil that she must have dealt with in all these years that she has spent in ‘our’ country.

How she went to peace with the death of her husband and still manages to live in the country that greets her with derisions and abuses all along, is out of my understanding.

First, her mother in law, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and she breathed her last in Sonia’s arms. It would have been extremely difficult for her to pit against destiny at that time. Then, her husband was assassinated and she had to live with that pain as well.

She maintained her calm, and how valiantly.

And she still does so, when BJP maligns her image all so fervently.

After Rajiv Gandhi’s death in 1991, it would have been easy for Sonia Gandhi to take her children and fly to Italy – giving them the safety they needed. But, she didn’t.

Had she been lusting for power, she could have become the Prime Minister then. But, she didn’t.

It was only in 1998, that she became the President of Congress, after seven years of her husband’s death, all because Congress was waning. Just to save the party from falling apart, she stepped in. In fact, even in 2004, when she didn’t become the Prime Minister of the country, she could have made her son the Prime Minister. But, she didn’t.

And even then, the nation fails to understand that she is not a power-hungry woman. She had many opportunities to gain the power that we accuse her of yearning for. But, she never took them.

Why are we so blind that we can’t see the basic goodness that resides in this woman?

I agree that she may have her flaws. We all have them. But, judging her on any and everything is nothing but sheer nastiness.

From caricatures and trolls, to memes and what not, Sonia Gandhi’s image has been smeared to such an extent that you will easily find fabricated stories about her being spread under BJP’s fake propaganda.

And the silence of this family has given BJP the boost it needs to damage their reputation further.

The Gandhi family still remains silent. And, the BJP continues to vilify its image.

Indian hypocrisy?

We, Indians, are nothing but whited sepulchres. We have different touchstones for ourselves, and we have different touchstones for others.

Almost every other Indian dreams of going abroad, or may be settling there. We talk so highly of our country, but deep down within us, we are so influenced by the West that we would do all that’s possible to go and live there.

So, if it isn’t hypocrisy, then what is?

We want to live abroad, it is an inseparable aspiration of millions of Indians.

But, what happens when someone comes to our country with the same dreams? Do we treat them the way we want to be treated? No.

Priyanka Chopra goes to the US and we become so proud of her achievements. But, when someone from another country comes to our country, we malign her?

The moment any person of Indian origin makes news of attaining a respectable position abroad, we all become so euphoric – be it Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai or the Sikh ministers who were included by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his Cabinet. Proud we must feel!

But what happens when people come to our country, and we cast aspersions on them?

For how long will Sonia Gandhi be criticised for being born in Italy. And what for? Should every Indian abroad be criticised for being born in India?

There are many who mock this lady, alleging that she was a waitress. I do not know whether she was or she wasn’t. All I know is that there is no shame in working hard. Many Indian students who go abroad for higher studies, or even to get settled there, work in hotels, bars, restaurants as waiters, clean utensils, shovel snow, mop floors and do much more – just to make a living.

Even Bollywood heartthrob, Akshay Kumar worked as a waiter and chef in Thailand, while studying martial arts there. And he is not ashamed of this fact. In fact, he talks about it proudly. And, he must. After all, he has earned success after years of hard work!

Not just the Bollywood industry, but we all feel proud of this man and his achievements. It feels great when you see such real-world examples of people who have gone from rags to riches.

But, Sonia Gandhi couldn’t be one such example. Simply because she isn’t Indian.

We can proudly accept an ‘Indian’ chai wala as our country’s PM and feel proud of the fact that he used to sell tea, but we can’t accept a woman from another country and mock her at every step of her life.

Aren’t we Indians misogynists?

Even after being subjected to such filthy language where people address her as an Italian bar girl, waitress, a bar dancer, a poisonous devil, a village girl, and what not – she has never derided anyone.

And my observations are that it’s not just the critics or people who are in the opposition parties that malign her. There are journalists as well who take no qualms in smearing Sonia Gandhi. Imagine – well read, highly educated people sink so low in today’s time – that’s progressive India for you!

I recently came across an article written by Minhaz Merchant, the renowned biographer of Rajiv Gandhi, and I was stunned to see how Sonia Gandhi was addressed as ‘the Italian-born widow’ of late Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi in that article.

And, that’s not it.

Every time this lady gets admitted to the hospital, there are many amongst the BJP supporters who tweet and wish death for her.

What have we become? Wishing death for someone? What happened to our traditions of ‘doing good’ for others? Have we lost all sense of compassion that we were once known for?

Today, we gush at the mere thought of dragging a woman through the mud, especially someone who is in power. Even after keeping Congress united for about two decades now, and giving the party two consecutive wins in the General Elections of 2004 and 2009 under her leadership, all that we Indians are hooked on to is the fact that Sonia was born in Italy.

Seriously? That’s all left for us to see and grasp?

I want to ask – is every woman’s identity restricted to the place of her birth? No. Then, why this bigotry?

Her mother-in-law was assassinated.

Her husband was assassinated.

And, today her character is being assassinated.

We rejoiced then. We are rejoicing this now.

I somehow feel bad for her. I feel bad for every woman who is trivialized by not only men, but other women as well, just to satiate their hunger for revile.

Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, Parvati – India is a land where all these goddesses and many more are worshipped with unconditional faith. And, it is an irony that the biggest denigrators of women here in India are the preachers of Hindutva only.

How does their conscience allow them to do that? Don’t they feel that they are being iniquitous?

We pay homage to Durga, the invincible. Still, every single day, we imperceptibly destroy women.

We vilify them. We abuse them. We humiliate them.

And, the next morning, with the same mouth, we sing hymns in the praises of our goddesses, again, and how easily!





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  • Aniket Lal

    This is a very good article. Everything mentioned is true .every ‘ wise’ Indian with agree with what the author has highlighted.

    • Farheen

      Made me feel so bad for Sonia Gandhi
      We as a country has never accepted her whole hearty just because she was born in Italy… Tears runned out of my eyes when I realized what pain she would be bearing when she is still considered Italian n when she lost the person for whom she had left everything. Today respect for her has increased to an indefinite level…
      Thank u ma’am for being in our country for more than 5 decades n sorry for the cold love u gave to u

    • Viney mehra

      I am in absolute agreement with the writer ,but i feel she is not a politician and its desirable now to find a successor who is not from Gandhi or nehru

    • Molly

      Congrats! It is true what is written by d author. It is an eye opener fr every Indian, specially fr every women. Hats off to u.

    • Shiva KUMAR

      Well described article.. I agree still most of the people not recognizing she as an Indian we have to change this kind of attitude ..we admire indians who did well outside India.we must admire the same for outsiders in India one is Targeting Sonia Ghandi as a women… BJP is Targeting on congress an individual ..too many Indians likes a leader speaker strong fighting women…etc

      Very typical…but lead her life superbly..hats off Sonia Ghandi

  • Yash

    Don’t have word’s

  • Bajuri

    Excellent . Respect for Mrs Gandhi grows even higher
    Pity those BJP guys who always tarnish her and Gandhi family image
    No one sacrificed for the country like they did

  • Sukumaran CP

    A well written and heart-touching article. A ‘must read’ for every Indian and see their reflection in mirror when they go home! I have no words to thank the author!

    • Shenaz Irani

      Respected Sonia ji.Meeting you is my long cherished DREAM.
      My heart breaks when people say anything rude about you or your Fly.I take this liberty to express my gratitude to you on behalf of the millions of people whose battles you have fought over the last decade and a half of your public life,which you have conducted with exemplary grace,humility and dignity.

  • Padma Rani

    I am so happy you wrote this beautiful piece
    Every day I find myself educating these biased people on Sonia Gandhi’s legal status of an Indian Citizen and Congress President
    It’s painful to watch the dirty propaganda against her Indian by Choice reality
    Love her mighty strength to be herself
    Love you for writing such beautiful articles every time

  • vikrant

    This is the best artice ever , with all deep thoughts even i had for soniaji. Respect for her , Thankyou Sadhavi Ji for this. Her pain only can be understood by those who can empathise her situations from 1998… i remember Uma bharti wanted to shave her head off if soniaji would have become PM, UmBhartii must be thankful to Soniaji. Thankyou Sadhavi ji.

  • Amit

    How good this article and , shows the true face of we all Indians .


    we the people of India are getting mentally sick day by day

  • Chandar

    Good that somebody could write this in today’s times of vilification and systematical abuse.

  • Dr Radheshyam

    Really,nobody can stop her/her Son from becoming PM of India not once but twice.She sacrificed thr supreme post.She was more favourate Daughter in Law than her Indiaborn Counterpart fpr Indiraji.Truth always prevails.Her dedication,sacrifices for the Nation though covered supressed by many temporarily ,not permanently.I congratulate u for depicting Soniajis Real picture.

  • Venugopal

    Fantastic article

  • Brijesh Nagar

    Now it has been prooveed that She is the real successor for the heritage of “”THE IRON LADY OF INDIA MRS.INDIRA GANDHI””

  • Farhan ahmed

    Thanks for writing it mam atleast the blind bhakts will now realise the true value of ghar ki lakshmi .. I hope .. thank u once again

  • Aleen Kalagara

    Very very good blog. And thanks for taking this up. India has long way to go. UPA-I was actually one of the best govts ever run in terms of policy making. Should appreciate Sonia Gandhi for constituting National Advisory Council (NAC). It was top class mix of Congress policy outlook combined with Left’s balancing act.
    Anyone who says she was power hungry is either dumb or pure evil.

  • Devendra

    Much convincingly explained our Indians hypocrisy

  • irfan Shah

    I respect her

  • Subin Dev

    I’m from Tamil Nadu. After reading this my respect for Sonia G has increased a lot. Never thought about her pain & humbleness in this perspective. She really tried to do good things for Tamils, but the politicians have changed the perception about her in TN very badly. But because of Modi, now Tamils have started feeling that Congress is far far better than BJP.

  • Vikram

    Lovely. I wish more people thought like you. I have always respected her and I always will. She could have been the PM but she gave the seat to mr. Manmohan singh.

    Thanks for writing this.

    Best regards,
    An Indian

  • Robert

    Nicely elaborated. …Thanks for perfect information. ….

  • H Das

    I first time read this article from you. And decided to read more in future.. very good article.

  • Sameer Thorat

    Very nice article


    Sadhavi Khosla. thank you for writing this article. Throughout all these years of being abused & defamed, Sonia Gandhi has demonstrated the qualities of true Christian upbringing … love, sacrifice, tolerance and forgiveness … of offering the other cheek! I have always admired her courage in the face of adversity and her dignified silence despite the endless & constant abuses being hurled at her and her family. She has definitely passed on many of these qualities to her son Rahul. All her detractors … men & women alike … should hang their heads in shame as they can never match the noble qualities she possesses. May God bless her always!

    • Elveena Isaac

      Thanks for this beautifully written article. .who do ever will read this I an sure will have tears in their eyes… Sonia G is a strong woman….God bless her

  • Yogesh Pal

    Well written. At times I wonder how much the current PM would have exploited the vulnerable Indians by playing the victim card, if he had lost someone in his family for the nation.

  • vipin chandh

    very interesting….i have same feeling as you have. by this feeling I involved in argument with many rss supporters…

  • Aditi

    Read a good artical after a very long time. Hats off to you sir to write this in today’s world were people are just talking abusive things abt the Nehru-Gandhi family. Worth sharing.

  • Mala ghosh

    Most of the indians specially who are anti Congress loved t throw filthy languages towards Gandhi Nehru family. From Jyoti Basu to present leaders all are in the same boat. Past as well as young generation do not at all eager to know the contribution of the family for our country. We are now passing through an abnormal situation. We find impatience, intolerance & inhumanity in every sphere of life.
    I agree with the author.

  • Mohamed kasim

    Awesome article.. i never thought from this perspective about her..

  • Madhu

    An eye opening one…
    Really ppl will have to read realize…
    Her calmness is beyond politics…
    Though Sushmaji opposed Sonia to become PM that to with ‘Big challenge’ she never took it seriously n maintained good relationship with Sushmaji … That is Sonia Gandhi.. really hats up.

  • Madhu

    An eye opening one…
    Really ppl will have to read realize…
    Her calmness is beyond politics…
    Though Sushmaji opposed Sonia to become PM that to with ‘Big challenge’ she never took it seriously n maintained good relationship with Sushmaji … That is Sonia Gandhi.. really hats up.

  • True Grit

    Sonia Gandhi’s grit is commendable, her character gets assassinated by ever other MLA or MP, however I have never seen her making personal attacks on anyone. Article speaks the truth, hope at least some people understand the underlying intend without any bias.

  • Kripanjali

    Whatever’s written in here is completely agreeable. I have loads of respect for Sonia Gandhi. U nailed it right. I hope more and more people read this and gain some sanity.

  • Kabir Khan

    Hey Sadhvi,
    Very nice article. Sonia Ji is very gentle and have never seen her using any foul language unlike other Indian leaders.

    If people call her Italian, then it should be a matter of proud for Italy and it also shows our hypocrisy.

    Loved the article.

    Keep writing.


  • Ps

    This article thoroughly resonates with my thoughts on SG.
    I hv found myself praying for this family.

  • Parth Sinha

    For writing such an article in the prevailing scenario one require guts and iron will.

    I have always felt same as mentioned in your article but never came out openly with my thoughts as no one I found was ready to buy my thoughts.

    Very good article and everything written here is valid.

  • Riddhi

    It’s like you read my mind. Marvel at the hypocrisy of educated Indians. Truth is she’s more Indian than many Indians. And about the vile things written by the bjp trolls…the less said the better.

  • Susan Dhavle

    This is a well articulated, calmly stated article that does justice to Sonia Gandhi. And coming from a BJP member it is really commendable that you question the meanness and you also mention that she never played or plays the victim card.

  • Venkat

    Let us review our thought process… Thanks to Author… still we Indians are good because we have a Fantastic professional like this authour

  • Gideon Dayak

    A very good article as how we treat our fellow citizens. The Author is very right in judging our inner motives of life. Hope we Indians can live with love and respect to all we come across in life.
    Best wishes.

  • Yashvir Mahajan.

    Very well put up. Pso with Rajiv Gandhi Inspector gupta was also a victim in the blast which killed Rajiv Gandhi.. He was our relative. Mrs Gandhi visited his family shortly after the cremation to condole with them. She ensured by following it up personally with the authorities that his widow was rehabilitated and adequately compensated.. This bespeaks her compassion and character.

  • wasim

    Most of us are HIGHLY INFLUENCED by BJPs false PROPAGANDA, basically BJP doesn’t have anything against GANGHIs except personal jealousy,

  • Jawahar

    They abused Nehru Ji Indira ji even Rajiv ji in a similar manner. Now they are targeting Sonia ji & Rahul Gandhi. This is the price you have to pay for joining politics in India.

  • Virchand Lakra

    Excellent article with great sense of feeling as a human and woman and mother. It is eye opening for all Indians. Thanks for the article.

  • Lily

    Hats off for the article expressing Sonia’s genuine love for India. Truly Being an Indian woman I feel ashamed of those who are bent upon spoiling her image. But let me tell the readers. No matter what dirt we throw at her she is like the lotus flower which blooms in the water though having dirt below. Sonia has risen beyond anybody’s criticism!! She is a woman of great faith. One day India will ralize this woman’s sacrifice for our country. e

  • Manas

    Nice article. Time to introspect for all of us.

  • Sadhana K Lakshmanan

    One of the best articles i have ever read. Sonia Gandhi is one of the greatest women of India. Thank you Sadhavi Khosla ji 🙂

  • Laboni

    Great article Ms.Kholsa.Thank You for pointing out things which some of us have always felt strongly about.At last someone had the courage to publicly condemn.

  • Sawab

    Excellent blog. I must say sadhvi you have beautiful mind to saw different people. I respect sonia gandhi but after reading this the way to describe my respect for her is went on 1000x.
    Hats off to you.

  • Arun raja

    Good that Neena Gopal’s book gave you an insight and let you reflect the same to us.

    I still wonder how she didn’t decide on moving to her home country even after losing her mother-in law & husband.

    Those qualities you mentioned about her might not have been with her if she were a Born Indian. No Offence!

    This article touches my heart !

    • Sunil Kumar Bhargava

      I totally agree with your views. As many more will read the article and book, they will love Sonia Gandhi contribution to her family and country India.

  • @maulinshah9

    संघर्ष और त्याग का प्रतीक हे सोनियाजी! पीएम पद नही स्वीकार के उन्होंने जो त्याग की मिसाल दी थी वो दुनिया के इतिहास में एक प्रतीक समान थी। उनके आगे आज के सब नेता बोने साबित हुए थे और है! इनको कुछ विशेषणों से बदनाम करने वाले संघ शाखा के टुच्चे भी अंदर से यह बात जानते हे!!

  • Sudhakaran Nair

    Very well written article. Eyeopener for all those who claim to be nationalist & patriotic but do not have the basic culture towards women. They should hand their head in shame.

  • Abe

    Very true. Hypocrisy is very much in Indian blood. Must change

  • Cheriyan

    The sacrifices made by the Gandhi family for India is enormous and it is sad that we Indians have become a bunch of thankless people. We never acknowledge good things In a person but always try to find drawbacks due to our biased upbringing or limited knowledge. Satyameva Jayade has no relevance in today’s India as falsehood rules.

    • G.LArya

      Madam Sadhvi ji
      This is a great article and people of our country should come forward for the help of this iron lady at this difficult time to encourage her to fight against communal people who damaged her beautiful character she have.Those who put her in this situation by their dirty tongue will not be spared by Ram(God). There is still time for you people to have love regard and respect for this iron lady from this article point of view to repent and save ur dirty image made by BJP propaganda.
      This is really a heart touching article having my tears down !

  • Jennifer

    I continue to believe in Mrs S Gandhi’s integrity & decency towards the people of India…! More so now!!! Well written, succinct article!!

  • Sonal patel datta

    Bjp has abused Soniyji reaching new low heights every time.this is a very thoughtful article with all correct information and logic.congrats.looking forward for more such articles

  • Vishal

    Actuall indian politics is too dirty and is polluting iur country day by day just the upfront people impose there ideologies on all .i am sure Mrs.Sonia Gandhi deserves much better then she got. And we indians even deserve much much better then we are getting today .so lets us awake and work for it “TOGETHER” As it is only possible when we unite

  • Shakil.M.Shaikh

    Friends.. Frankly speaking I have a great great respect for Soniaji.
    She learnt many things incl. Hindi.. where the so called true Indians DO NOT Like or speak Hindi…
    She is the TRUE leader who served this Nation Even after Indiraji and Rajivji…
    …Most important part is that I have Never heard this family crossing the limit even after Barked by the Bhakts..
    ..Salute to this Genious lady & All women worldwide..

    • Joy Patel

      Article from the heart!! Respect for Mrs Gandhi increased to 200%

      Hope that every India will understand how to respect others…

      Then only you can became good human being and good citizen.


    Thanks for this sharing. You could enter into a person’s life and see her as she is, no prejudice. She is a genuinely deep person. You found it. Thanks.

  • शिशिर

    बहुत ही मार्मिक चित्रण है सोनिया गाँधी जी के बारे में उन्होंने जो सहा है उनके परिवार ने जो सहा है केवल भाजपा और आरएसएस के दुष्प्रचार से वह समर्पण त्याग और तपस्या समाप्त नहीं होगी क्योकि चुनाव भावनाओ का खेल बन जाता है पर भारतीयता में जिन सोनिया जी का विश्वास है भारतीयता भी उनमे विश्वास रखेगी यही आशा है पर आपके आर्टिकल ने कई पहलु लोगो के सामने रखे है जो उनके व्यक्तित्व को अभिव्यक्ति देते है

  • Tanya

    Beautiful article. Sonia Gandhi has always been demonized. Hope many more citizens get to read this.

  • Premananda pradhan

    There shouldn’t be any personal attack in politics pertaining to any leaders be it congress party leader or BJP party leader.

  • Anand

    Mrs.Sonia Gandhi did not offer her seat (P.M.) to Mr. Manmohan Singh, but felt that she would not be competent enough and simultaneously saw the potential in Mr. Singh.That’s the greatness of her. I cannot judge what others have done for our Country, India, but can guarantee that she has done much, much more good than me. May every curse she receives turn into a blessing for her.

  • Iqbal Vahora

    Heart feeling article.All of that happen with SGji its happen with us think wt we r do.

  • Alexy

    Very heart touching article.

  • Khaleel

    Excellent. Many of us don’t know about Sonia Gandhi.This article needs to be spread as much as possible.

  • Prashant

    Thank u for such Lovely article mam
    Hats off to u.
    Salute n Respect for soniaji

  • Ravie Jaswal

    I appreciate your successful attempt to portray a real face of a courageous women, along with the dual faceted Indian Minds. Not only makes but even females don’t hesitate to malign her image.

    Very nice.

  • Joel

    Well articulated and excellently written. Thank you.

  • Kiran Shankar Prasad

    She has been at receibing end for so long time without any of her faults. I respect her for dignity with which she carries herself despite so much hatredness shown towards her. Unlike many women, she understood her responsibilities towards her family and party she decided to stay in India and put up honest efforts to enhance family and party image. Hat’s off to her.

  • Eunice

    Good eye opener….I have great respect for Sonia Gandhi…she has portrayed the true Christian values…may many more people b insured by her and b honest in politics…

  • Ashok Patil

    Dear Sadhvi ji, very nice article, one thing I want to understand ,how to judge the acceptance of people for Sonia ji? People elected her with good margins as member of Parliament for many times, she is elected by crores of activist as President of Indian national congress,the party instrumental in Freedom movement and to shape modern India.. people have faith in her leadership. Only few disgruntled forces are always busy with throwing mud at her and other people becouse their mentality is narrow and anty democratic. The forces have infirioriti complex due to their own guilty,of having not contributed in freedom movement or development of India. Even such mentality was existed in talking nonsense about Sita wife of Rama. Such people are and will be in society in small numbers, it doesn’t carry any influence on Indian people.

  • Enoch EA

    Hey Sadhi, I am thankful to you for articulating so beautifully the facts of SG. Infact you have replicated my thoughts in words in your article.
    The sinking ship of Congress is not because of the G family but because of Vibhishan’s and the elderly folklore of the party. The biggest political blunder the CP made was UPA-2. Had they gone for flash poll things would have been quiet different politically for CP. The upsurge AAP made the difference. After 49 days of festoning they abdicated the field to which the Safron brigade pounced on the well scripted foray against the CP. Unfortunately, CP did not foresee the media macabre rising against them. After all SG had to accept the defeat in GE due to her incompetent lieutenants who opened the mouth of worms then wisdom, falling prey to the waiting Hawks.
    Let’s hope your article gives many more real Indians come out in open and reveal the facts and clear mirage of vilified, misinformed mindset.
    God bless!!

  • J V Raj

    Well written and effectively communicates what many of have felt for many years. Thank you very much.

  • Bhaskar Mazumdar

    Indeed very well scripted.
    I must confess that whatever is written is truth and nothing but the truth.
    Undoubtedly she is a very courageous lady and is quite different from general women who have married into a different country and gone to live in the country of her husband.
    Perhaps we will not find a similar character to compare in this world!

    Whereas reading this one is forced to have sympathies without any doubts. However, several other incidents have been kept aside, I don’t know if it has been deliberately done or it just slipped out of the mind of the writer or it was not known to her.

    I am not belittling the part biography, if I may call it that way, but I can’t end by accepting this to be the total representation of the concerned lady.

    No doubt she is a human being and perhaps has made mistakes involuntary. It is likely that her advisors were corrupt and she went into their clutches in a non returnable way!

    Lastly, very well written, although it is not complete in itself.

    • Patriot

      In this article, the author has clearly stated that she is not writing on Sonia Gandhi, the politician, rather Sonia Gandhi, the woman, and the way some of us, especially from the political class, treated her. Yes, Sonia Gandhi does have her weaknesses just like anybody else. There have been great political figures and leaders in this nation whom we admire so highly and deify. Does that mean that these great political figures were without their share of faults and blemishes? Some of our great leaders were men and women of great character and principles, yet that they had serious weaknesses which are often overshadowed by their towering personality. Sonia Gandhi too has her faults and flaws. But her flaws are not sufficient grounds to treat her so maliciously as did some of us. She has shown the maturity and wisdom that are often expected of great souls in the face of hateful and incensed criticism hurled at her on. That is where one should see her greatness.

  • Sunil Vh

    Very nicely worded…It’s a fact and people have accept this great ladies sacrifice for our nation .She has kept dignity and clam all through these storms, Above all after loosing her mother in law and husband still she hasn’t discouraged her son from getting into politics. She is seeing him being abused made fun of and threat to his life but for the sake of nation she is ready to sacrifice . Great write up great lady

  • Meedas Sahoo

    Thanks Sadhvi ma’am for writing this wonderful article. In the current scenario it needs a lot of courage to write this. You have put many of our thoughts beautifully.

  • Laxman G

    All true Hindus or SANATHANA DHARMA followers should follow ” Yathra poojyanthe Naari thathra pujithaa Devathaaha”
    In this perspective Sonia Gandhi earns respect irrespective of her flaws.

  • Shyam

    Excellent article and exposing the fact that how power hungry people for power , malign and portrait so bad and ugly for such honest and dedicated people.

  • Ashish Lall

    I was in tears…..very well written.

  • Aid B. Choksi

    There is much to learn from this article , the people of this country should shut their eyes for a moment and imagine the tragedy EXPERIENCED by her and her children. It is a living example of a very strong person who left her own country and people to live with a man she really loved. The BJ P is always talking about her and her family in the most ugly way. There two channels too trying to find fault with the family only and promoting BJPs plans aggressively.

  • Prerna

    She has & will always continue to be an idle to me & many more!! Thanks to sadhavi for this wonderfully put article!! I just hope this reaches out to more hypocrite indians who realise her worth and the sacrifices involved both for her family & this nation which she sees as her own but sadly the indians here dont!! Stop raising a finger here unless you can even be a patch of what she is and continues to be!!

  • Prerna

    To all my friends who still mock at her and react to this post as being funny…. i ask u today what would happen to your woman after your death?? What is she is treated in a similar manner??Blank right!! So think before making any such notion!! Ur respect for a woman shows your true character!!

  • George Joseph

    Sonia is great for ever and will be remembered by the people who made her life to that extendട with no reasons for the ill treatment . Thanks for wonderful thought and the creation of this article with great value

  • soumitra guha

    Nice…Sonia ji is nice leader and his leadership and good mother ..she is good woman for our country.Salute…


    Hetal this is Indian politics.Over night in India saint becomes scoundrel for political gains.We are two faced human beings and for self interest go down to any extent.

  • Raymond Morenas

    This is a high class and clear article. There are some high class Indians who say that India is great. Fine.If India is great than why are they sending their children abroad for education for jobs and o settle there. Isn’t it because the West gives the best opportunities the best freedoms and a good comfortable life. Back home some of this follow double standards. They oppress some because of their false and wrong ideology. Grandfathers,Fathers go to the West and enjoy your vacation with your children and back home follow the great Indian ideals.

  • Vargis Jo

    An excellent and timely article. Kudos for the courage the author has shown to write it.
    The article has once again shown how hypocritical and dishonest we Indian are. We talk of and take great pride in our ancient civilization, but we are far away from the civility and great ideals we speak about so highly. Having lived in the West for quite some time and having experienced their hospitality, generosity, kindness, and goodwill, I must say we could never match their sense of love, benevolence, and respect for people. Our attitude towards Sonia Gandhi has more than demonstrated our hypocrisy and intolerance, which the writer so well articulated.

  • Madhuchanda C Bhuyan

    Excellent write up..came to know so many true facts through this read

  • Anthony Reneaux

    Excellent. Article. Yes, she has sacrificed. A lot for India. I hope she stays India.

  • Indian

    Very true an lots of respect for sonia jee and all the womens,shud always respect women

  • George DSouza

    A very good article, God bless you with His wisdom and knowledge to write the truth always, Our Independence is only for name sake, here women are treated as slaves by men.

  • Gratian

    You have expressed so well all that many, including me, have thought and felt about the grace and nobility of Sonia Gandhi but could not because of lack of gift with words. Congratulations. The fact that you a Sadhavi is writing this adds to the power and acceptability of the article. Perhaps you will face a lot of flak from certain quarters more likely in private. But it is worth it when you are concerned with upholding truth, compassion and dignity of every human being, woman in particular. May your bold spirit touch every writer and journalist.

  • Christine

    Hats off for writing such an article where we should hang our heads in shame. It is sad that the public in India do not realize the truth and do not analyse things on their own but allow the politicians to buy them off. Wake up India!!!

  • Amiya Kumar banerjee

    Since independence India is a different country. Before independence also majority Indians were influenced by politicians like Gandhi, Jawaharla Neheru, Netaji and many more. But in compareison they all had virtues, human vales and always aware of Indian traditions and true followers of the same. Intelectuals also had more influence for character making of our citizen. Unfortunately now we are mainly media fed. And power hungry politicians , many of which are corrupted even with questionable background are with bribing the media are being easily able to feed us very opposit of the really. But hopefully Some media are coming out clean. Our responsibility is to recognize them. Also not any social posting like this should always be encouraged.

  • Sunil

    I totally agree with what’s written about Sonia ji, she is the Iron Lady, who would have done what she has, my praise goes out to her.

  • Rose

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T !!

  • Women

    This article truly Touched my heart. Very well written. I have seen so many Indians denying their nationality but this is not the case with Mrs. Gandhi. She is more Indian than all those who moved out for personal gains. Brave Women hats off! I only wish all those who talk of Women’s safety and respect truly follow what they preach

  • Parvati

    Thank you! You wrote from the bottom of ‘my heart’! I appreciate your courage in today’s scenario. The only aim of personal attacks on her is to make the public believe she is bad. It does not have to be truth. And that is the basis on which you build your empire. Who has the guts to talk about the abusive language used by the so called ‘Indians’? Very few. And you are one of them.

  • William Barrocas

    Thank you Sadhavi for that eye-opener of a write-up.
    Sorry dear Mrs Sonia Gandhi for our wrongs done you. Please forgive us.we beg you. PLEASE DO

  • Mrs. Shamim Rashid

    A big THANK U for writing this article. V never thought so deeply abt Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. The writer has developed a soft corner in my heart for Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

  • Himanshu Bhatt

    A very nicely articulated feeling here by the Author…But I would differ with the opinion that we all, as Indians, have failed in acknowledging Soniaji’s grit, dignity, dedication, sacrifices and love for this country…It is only the BJP who is maligning her for its own political survival, but then they will pay for their Karma!! There’s no shortage of Soniaji’s admirers and I feel they all must fight against the divisive forces and stand solidly with Soniaji!! Everyone who reads this, and other such articles, should share & circulate them as much as possible… That’s the least we can do… I’m sharing this on FB right now!! Long Live Soniaji!!
    ….An ardent admirer of Smt. Sonia Gandhi!!

  • Shivakumar jagadale

    A very good article which is reality of Mrs. Gandhi. And its similar to what i know about Gandhi family and what i have been feeling for Gandhi family.
    BJP always believe in character assassination of its opponents rather than their developmental works and sacrifice for nation.

  • Prashant

    Hats off to you Safhavi. We are seeing in current political scenario person has become PM by playing victim card. Can’t imagine what could have he asked had he been Sonia’s place.

  • Lucy

    Kudos to the writer for writing the truth. I really admire the strength of Sonia Gandhi for who she is and what she is. She could have re-married and enjoyed her freedom in another country and leave India for good but she did not….that shows how dedicated and loyal she was towards her family and India. As human being….we all have weaknesses and shortcomings so who are we to judge her and assassinate her character. Her sacrifices will not go in vain….one day or the other it will be rewarded.
    God bless her with more wisdom and knowledge, good health to carry on the unfinished task and bring a change in India.

  • Rajesh

    Like the way you have put in words her agony….and love the way she has always kept her silence…

  • Yash

    Believe it or not, last night I was thinking about Sonia Gandhi on the same lines.. You provide the background for my thoughts , but tentatively , I believe , we are not privy to what would have transpired between Rajiv & Sonia as a couple when he decided to come back to India! We forget that Rajiv lost a brother Sanjay , then the mother , but the call to come back and take charge would have been well evaluated by him and Sonia would have been an equal partner. I guess the core reason would not have been to move to a more luxurious life ( which they already had) , but it must have been a bigger cause. I was a teenager and saw how technology was given prime importance during Rajiv’s time, and I guess , there was a burning desire in that man to do something for the country. I believe , Sonia , being a partner , made the decision to finally continue the “mission” which the couple embarked upon after a careful and well thought and deliberated objective!


    Hi Sadhavi Khosla .

    It was an magnificent article about a lady who has given entire life for this wonderful nation Known as INDIA.
    But still very few People has tried to understand the good part of her contribution and devotion towards her second home so called by the hypocrites of this nation. She has accepted this nation has her primary home and her first need . As she choose to be part of a patriot family of this country.

    still people thinks that she is doing all this because she comes from a ruling family of this nation.
    The nation has to realize that this family has given lot for it.

    This generations has been misleaded through wrong criticism and trolls through our great media .

    I ask you and all blogger and writers who are magicians of pen strength .Should potrait some beneficial articles for people like us and forthcoming generations.

    Thanks for the wonderful note on this “Great Lady of My INDIA”

    With respect and Regards

  • maria luiza viegas

    I admire Mrs Sonia Gandhi for all that she is and has done for the country. The BJP should learn something from her and especially the women who are holding ministerial berths. Don’t criticise her but learn from her.

  • Avinash Shravane

    What an intense write uo, really very touching and I think it should be viewed, read and understood beyond political thoughts, stand.

  • Sanil Augustine

    Thank you for exposing the readers to the other side of reality, which I wouldn’t have even bothered to have thought of. Nice piece of writing. You could keep it shorter avoiding the repetition.

  • Janette

    Thanks Sadhavi for this article and your strong sensible words of expression. It’s high time we need to appreciate Mrs Sonia Gandhi for her tremendous sincere contributions. We salute you Soniaji… I remember her speech after the death of her late husband. She quotes “I Married Rajiv became a Bride, then became a Mother and now a Widow In front of your eyes”.

  • Kamson

    I could feel the pain she had suffered by reading through your article. I love Gandhi family ever much more

  • Luloungam kamei

    I could feel the pain she had suffered by reading through your article. I love Gandhi family ever much more

  • george

    Hats off to Sadhvi. we have seen many Sadhvis and So called Sadhus vociferously indulging in character assasination. Even we have a leader who often use derogatory remarks and names to address in public and we all cheer that. shear respect for an individual is not a thing they learned in their upbringing. politics is not fought over ideology and policies rather hatred and lies. Such a viciated atmosphere not only being Sonia Gandhi, but being an indian born citizen who does not buy their ideology is difficult. because one is either muslim, christian, etc. and outsiders. Surely it is a bold step and is appreciated.

  • Pradeepkumar Yadav

    Thank you ma’am

  • Nayel

    Very touchy and beautifully crafted blog that throws the light on our double standard with strong massage for all Indains ….. Great efforts Sadhvi ji !!!!

  • S Walter

    Written excellent, nicely projected by the author. Well done dear god bless you n ur profession the way you projected honestly. It proves that still there are people who will fully believe in holy god. And the truth can never ever been hidden by any such powers. Keep it up.

  • Renjamo

    Men may protect lies by bodyguard of lie’s. but Truth can’t be buried.

  • Mohammed Danish

    Sadhviji, Honestly as I was reading this I was overwhelmed because these are the exact thoughts which I had. I’m grateful and very thankful for penning it down!!

  • Dr V. D. Patil

    Very nicely elaborated article , in Indian thought women have tremendous strength which Soniyaji have but unfortunate that same people who are boastig of greatness of Indian culture themselves malinged image of true Indian women , feel pity of this as an a Indian !

  • Jose Augustine

    Amidst a host of arrogant and abusive leaders who trivialise and denigrate her by false accusations, Sonia Gandhi is an icon of grace and dignity.

    She is the driving force behind the game changing RTI, MGNREGA, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, right to food, right to education, all of which have reshaped India right before our eyes. These are indeed the shining achievements of India but she never claimed any credit. Compare that with the well orchestrated self glorification by our present day rulers at the tax payers cost. Soniaji has carved out a place in history as a benevolent leader of the masses. History separates grain and chaff. One is concerned about her health though.

  • Zubair

    Very beautifully written. As long as it’s technically deemed for her to become PM as she’s a MP, all what BJP had done, lead by the turncoat Subru Swamy, were indescribably substandard.

    As a woman, she has indeed had to toil the extremest to withstand the pressure around her.

  • Venkat

    Very nice article.. heart touching.. what u said is right madam..i respect SG ji lot..she is not just a politician , more than tat she is a women, a mother..we cant value her sacrifice….

  • Vivek

    Very nice article about THE WOMAN. She truly deserves some respect for the sacrifices done by her and yet not playing the victim card. Truly a strong IRONWOMAN.

  • Imtiyaz patel

    It’s a very enlightening article on the lady. Who has never been accepted as Indian even after five decades ….it’s the conspiracy against the Gandhi family that entire family is seen as baffun today….we accept any Tom n Dicky n any baffun as our leader but not that dignified lady…’s only a political conspiracy to keep assassinating her character and her family name , before not so politically aware citizens..

  • Ramanan

    I dont know what kind of democracy is this! If we can accept her as an MP in Indian Parliament, why cant we accept her as a PM…. hypocrisy… so which means we allowed foreigner to be the MP…. she became Indian already…. she is a really bold lady and the author is right, she never uttered single worst remark about others… thats her character and her strength…. wish her strength anf health, bcos definitely she can bring her party again in Government… only she can do it….

  • Haniff

    Superb article. Good to know about SG

  • Ketan Dhole

    even thought it is a well written article, i pity the writer because she is putting an emotional article about sonia gandhi and how its hard to be a woman in india!
    i feel sad for sonia about how her husband and mother were assasinated, but if u r going to say how her image is being tarnished by the bjp, then i must say that this is politics and she knows it very well!
    i totally agree with the writer about her personal life but not with the political life!

  • Xavier dias

    What’s written about Sonia Gandhi is a tribute to a living saint many will write beauriful articles on her demise that wud be too late God bless our SONJA!!!!

  • Sriharsha

    Nice to have this article for us, Sonia Gandhi, has been a inspiring leader for many women. However, her political traits are still questionable and people respect her views and elected Congress for two terms. As a mother, wife, daughter-in-law would have and been the toughest part of her life. But she have absolutely failed in politics and we have wittinessed it. Embracing Bharthiyatva and her sacrifice deserves humongous respect and it is inspiring. Mixing politics and identity is the questionable factor depending upon the personal views of an individual (should be based on substantial information). For her support for women is admirable and valuable. Wishing her good health and all success.

  • M Jeyachandran

    Thought provoking article. Even after reading this, if they do not change their mindset, they are not fit to be called human beings.

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