Why should India start looking at Rahul Gandhi as the next PM alternative?

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

When the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi said these words, little did he know that decades later these will still stand true.

As someone who was taken for granted, ridiculed and derided until about two months ago, Rahul Gandhi has come a long way. His speeches and public interactions at the University of California, Berkeley, Princeton University and New York made us feel a certain grit and conviction in his words.

The Gandhi scion that we see today is not a nine day’s wonder. He is here to stay.

Once he was portrayed as a not-so-great orator. At present, he has been handling personal and political questions with such a composure that has left his critics spellbound. Not just the US, but his recent speeches back home in India have been emphatic too. Be it Gujarat, Amethi or the PHD Chamber of Commerce in Delhi, Rahul’s words and vision are tightening their grip on the political front of the nation.

So, here, let’s reflect on why the country needs to start looking for an alternative in Rahul Gandhi:

To help the nation come out of the spell of hasty economic decisions

In the wake of a depressed economy and jobless growth, India seems to be falling to pieces. The GDP growth has been gloomy, industrial and agricultural sectors are struggling and private investments have seen a sharp decline. All this could be mostly attributed to the hasty, ill-timed and poorly implemented economic decisions of the government, particularly demonetization and GST.

When PM Modi understood that surgical strikes alone couldn’t be the key poll plank in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, demonetization was introduced precipitously – without ever realizing the aftermaths that it could bring to an already dwindling economy. And then came GST which further weakened the floundering small and medium enterprises who were already devastated by demonetization.

How can Rahul Gandhi change this?

If there is one political leader in India who knows the importance of patience then it has to be none other than Rahul Gandhi. Being the considerate, prudent man that he is, he would never put the entire nation in danger with a hassled decision. He is somebody who goes with the consensus. Rather than giving the complete decision-making authority to one person, Rahul believes in carefully weighing the pros and cons of a situation by bringing in a panel of experts to find the right course of action. If he handles the nation, we will not really have to worry about the poor implementation of major economic policies.

To build a ‘true’ democracy

The success of a democracy lies in all of its four pillars viz. legislative, executive, judiciary, and media. But the bitter reality is that the media could no longer be trusted. Today opposition is being given very less space in the media. Be it Congress, AAP or any other political party – everything that the opposition does is under constant scrutiny by media houses and in most of the cases whatever the opposition does is termed as photo-op politics – irrespective of the fact that many of the BJP’s schemes and developmental projects are merely photo-ops.

On September 14, when PM Modi and Japanese President Shinzo Abe laid the foundation stone for India’s first high-speed “bullet” train running from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, many of us weren’t aware of the PM’s ‘real’ thoughts about the very same bullet train.

In a 2013 speech, the then chief minister of Gujarat, Modi spoke of how India is portrayed amongst the rest of the world and why we need to show the world our nation’s strength. He went on to speak that “No one is going to use the Bullet Train, (but) we have to do these things.” For what? For show off! Well, Modi Ji did blow his own trumpet then, but media channels never really talk about this, neither have they labeled his bullet train inauguration as photo-op politics.

The ruling party has full control over media and is adamant on dragooning media houses into silence on matters that are of utmost national importance. With power and resources to keep print media as well as electronic media under its charge, the BJP has turned this very crucial element of true democracy into its mouthpiece.

How can Rahul Gandhi change this?

Do you remember the Anna Hazare Movement or that time when AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal rose to popularity? Well, that couldn’t have been possible had Congress controlled the media the way BJP does today. Congress is a political party that believes in criticism. It believes in true democracy, unlike the present government’s belief in suppressing voices. So, if Rahul comes at the helm, then there is much hope that this era of ‘Media Politics’ would come to an end.

To save the nation from the dominant attitude of hyper-nationalism

The BJP’s obsession with hyper-nationalism has left this country in the doldrums. The nation, which was once a true representation of unity, is now being publicized for religious fundamentalism and polarisation.

As popular columnist Aakash Banerjee has pointed out: a huge segment of Indians is suffering from Modiabind, a medical condition much dangerous than Motiabind (cataract). Mr. Modi’s high-pitched campaigns and promises have won him votes and left his supporters with this condition. Unfortunately, now they can’t see anything else. They can’t see his failure to live up to his tall talks like the ones made during demonetization, or while he was busy in political chest-thumping about bringing ‘Achhe Din’ in the country. They can’t even see his love for the recurrent motif of communal violence disguised viciously under the garb of the Hindutva model which originated during the Gujarat riots of 2002. From that time onwards, the country’s social fabric is slowly being destroyed and Modiabind sufferers can’t see that.

How can Rahul Gandhi change this?

Rahul Gandhi can strengthen the shaking esprit de corps amongst the different communities of the nation. If he comes into power, a culture would develop where everyone can freely voice their opinions without being labeled as anti-nationals. Political loyalists would no longer rob us of free speech. Chances are high that under Rahul’s regime the country will have a space for all. He would never demand a BJP Mukt Bharat for he knows the importance of a strong opposition to have a healthy democracy – something that only an astute politician could understand.

Now that Modi has promised us bullet trains, the countrymen have got another promise to long for. Nevertheless, this is for sure that even if Rahul never gives us ‘bullet trains’ for a better commute, there’s one more thing that he will never give us: ‘bullets’ to shoot our fellow countrymen.

To give the country freedom from jumlas, personal ambitions and ‘unreal’ accomplishments

Narendra Modi sold us the Gujarat model with a lot of pomp and pageantry. And we bought it. Call it the Modiabind effect or the anti-incumbency against the infamous UPA government, Modi did put high stakes and won the 2014 general elections with a historic landslide triumph.

But what happened after that? The bubble of Prime Minister’s homestead being a wonder might burst soon, but for now, it is the entire nation that has to bear the repercussions.

Modi’s flawed foreign policy has disturbed India’s international relations beyond imagination. Ties with China, Nepal have nose-dived and no success has been achieved in maintaining peace with Pakistan either. Kashmir has been wracked with incessant violence attacks and the government is incompetent to take control.

From giving the country a secure environment to creating one crore jobs every year, and crediting INR 15 lakh in every account by recovering black money from the riches for the rags – the entire nation is still waiting for the jumlas to get real somehow. All these empty promises that were made by our PM to win elections have failed miserably.

It is no surprise that our PM is running the nation on his personal ambitions and one of them is to demean the Gandhi family. Political vendetta you may call it but Modi knows how to hit the opposition where it hurts the most. Perhaps, the decade-long visa ban on him after the 2002 Gujarat riots which is said to be done at the request of the UPA government, has left him heartbroken ever since.

Our highly vindictive PM, who could do anything to realize his dream of a Congress Mukt Bharat brought GST after delaying it for a good five years’ time. It was the same Modi, the then chief minister of Gujarat, who had strongly opposed the UPA’s version of the GST in 2013 arguing that Gujarat would incur losses worth Rs 14,000 crore every year due to this bill.

Years later, when Modi became the PM, he had no reluctance in launching GST that too through a special Parliament session on June 30 midnight; travelling on the lines of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who made his famous speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’ on the midnight of August 14-15 when the country ushered in Independence from the British rule. On one hand, the ruling movement nixes Nehru’s name from textbooks, and on the other hand, it copies his style of work.

Nevertheless, one thing is pretty clear that Modi has two missions to achieve. One is Mission Bharat and the other is Mission Congress Mukt Bharat. With his personal ambitions gaining priority everywhere, it is no brainer that his ‘passion’ to achieve the latter is much more than his ‘will’ to achieve the former.

How can Rahul Gandhi change this?

Rahul Gandhi is a realist. He may not be such a great orator as Mr. Modi is, but he also doesn’t believe in promising something that couldn’t be achieved. Nor does he take his personal ambitions to the political battleground.

Even when people had great set of expectations from Rahul Gandhi since the beginning of his political career (thanks to being born into India’s grand old political family and taking forward the lineage of leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and Rajiv Gandhi), the weight of expectations that he carries has never made him make such promises to the masses that couldn’t really be achieved. Instead of fancy talks, Rahul chooses actions.

If Rahul comes to power, the country would certainly be free from the shackles of jumlas for he will never fool his own countrymen for electoral gains.

To keep ‘Integrity’ above ‘Politics’

Politics in the era of Modi is all about keeping integrity at bay. And that’s nothing new. In 2011, at a time when Modi Ji wasn’t at the helm, a story was making the rounds that the whistle-blower organization Wikileaks’s founder Julian Assange has stated, “America Fears Narendra Modi, because they know he is incorruptible”.

Even Mr. Modi Ji delightfully shared the story on his blog on March 22, 2011.


While the BJP machinery continued to propagate the story with complete devoutness, it was in March 2014, when Wikileaks rebutted such claims, stating that founder Julian Assange never called Narendra Modi “incorruptible.”

Many scenarios like these have validated the fact that we are being ruled by fake propagandists. Truth and lies are easily being interchanged today, at the ruling government’s behest. Integrity has taken a backseat and unconstructiveness is all that prevails in India at present.

How can Rahul Gandhi change this?

No matter how many accusations BJP/RSS may have put on Rahul Gandhi, integrity has never been an issue with this man. You may mock at him for his gaffes, but you can’t take away the fact that he believes in uprightness. You would never see him propagating lies.

Moreover, he has never been involved in any personal corruption changes. Yes, UPA and several of its allies have corruption charges against them, but Rahul Gandhi has never had even a single case of personal corruption against him. Now, that’s unlike many other political leaders of the highly talked about ruling party.

Allegedly, Mr. Amit Shah, PM Modi’s knight in shining armor, helped convicted stock market scammer Ketan Parekh in the Madhavpura Bank case and received a hefty bribe of INR 2.5 crore to avoid imprisonment. And not just him, there are many other leaders in the BJP who have been charged with corruption in different forms – Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, and Pankaja Munde, to name but a few.

On the contrary, Rahul Gandhi has never been involved in a ‘personal corruption’ court case. What this nation needs the most at present is a clean hearted, righteous man who believes in the power of positivity, not in the power of spreading shams and negativity to brainwash the masses. And Rahul Gandhi could be that man.

The road ahead…

Rahul Gandhi needs to remember that greatness could only be achieved through merit. The road ahead will be difficult for him for sure. It will be nothing like the ones travelled by his great-grandfather, grandmother, and father. But he needs to hold to his belief with integrity, positivity, and truth.

Yet, optimistically, many of us feel that Rahul has started to prove his mettle as a political leader. And the recent turn of events hints at the country’s readiness to change. The question is: will Rahul Gandhi get a chance to bring that much-needed change?




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  • Radha Charan Das

    Very nice article indeed.

  • Abbas

    Excellent explanation

  • Zehra

    Rahul gandhi definitely deserves a chance to be a prime minister.

  • shrinivas

    ya its nice to read artical about RG…..after long time someone showing onther face of him…its must nead nw alternative new face like mr.RG

  • Pradip Mazumder

    Thoughtful article. However, it’s not just a comparison between two individuals. It’s the contrast between two thoughts. Let’s perceive the situation from that angle.

  • Sameer

    Superb write-up Ma’am!!! Thanks for analyzing & detailing each and every point.

  • Amballa Manohar

    Yes He can change India

  • Brian Sachin Cardoza

    Very well written Mam..

  • Zainuddin jamali

    Nice to read with real story , no masala in it thanx

  • a s

    It’s not acceptable that all the three Prime Ministers in his family got it easy and had it east after that . Indira Gandhi had to go through hail , first build a new party then bounce back after going through a difficult period . If Rahul is half determined of his grand mother, he shall co it considering the fact that he has change drastically and shown , he has in him .Team selection will, of course, be more difficult than his grand mother faced . He has to blend youth with old which is cumbersome . He has, so long been doing fine . got to see if he can do so if he comes back to power as the elders will demand their pound of flesh . If Sonia Gandhi can be pro-active , it will be little easy for Rahul . All said and done , Gujrat election will , certainly, be a turning point , if Congress wins . It will be much smoother after that .

  • Linda Raymond

    Very rightly said. I wish citizens would wake up to the fact that Modi is a fake and sham. What more can you expect from an uneducated moron. His perceptions are antiquated and his small mindedness fit for the gutter. He is a shame to the country.

  • Zeeshan Ahmad

    What a article! Great explained! It’s over full article!

  • D P M

    I can see a great leader within RG. He is capable of leading India.

  • Om Datt Sharma

    I see the best of Sonia, Rajiv, Indira, Jawahar and Motilal Nehru in him. He is good for India. May God bless him with a long and healthy life.

  • Pravat Kumar Mahapatra.

    I appreciate your article, It’s the comparison between Modiji & Rahulji.You have to decide whether Rahul is better than MODI or not.As per my opinion Rahul is 100% better than MODI, Because Rahul is not jumlabaj like MODI. Another factor is every conscious citizen of the country now feel the precarious condition of our economy status.After demonetization country’s GDP growth in lowest order. According to my knowledge Rahul is a practical person. So that personally I look forward for Rahul as our next PM.

  • Pravat Kumar Mahapatra.

    Excellent article. Keep it up.

  • Harbhajan Singh

    Somehow I feel he is equal to India’s inherent greatness, Plato’s Philosopher-King? Perhaps!

  • Pasha

    At least Rahul never claimed he is the only master brain in the universe.so he can be expected to listen to and depend on qualified people , not charas and chaiwallahs

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