About Me

Welcome to my Blog. I am glad you have come to my website and I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs. It is very hard to introduce about self because we know ourselves so well that I don’t know where to begin. Through my writings, I would like my readers to know who I am, why I have started this blog and what do I want to convey to the world.


I am an Entrepreneur by profession, political analyst by passion and social activist by compassion. I have done an MBA in Marketing & Advertising and have spent 10 years of my corporate life in International Marketing. Two year ago, I realized that I have reached a threshold in my career and I needed to do something in life which I can be proud of it when I look back after a decade. That’s how I got into Entrepreneurship in August 2012 and today I am happy and thankful to God for showing me this path. Today I am a founder & CEO of a global Data Analytics organization and aspiring to take this organization to new heights in the near future.

I was born in a Hindu Punjabi Family in Patiala and spent my early years in Patiala and Chandigarh. I got married to a Maharashtrian and it was an arranged marriage. I got engaged to my husband within few hours of seeing him for the first time. I live in Gurgaon with my husband, Deepak, an IIM graduate who works for a MNC and my son, Aryan.

My family legacy:

Our family is our extension in this world and I am very proud of my family. My grandfather was an inspiring figure in my life especially during my growing up years and still continues to do so even though he left the world 2 decades ago. He was a learned man and a Freedom Fighter who went through many hardships in his life, lived in jail during Gandhiji’s struggle for freedom movement, worked for the interest of poor villagers and farmers all his life and lived a very principled life. My parents are extremely simple and humble people and are very God loving people. We all look for a soul mate in our life, and in my case, my soul mate is my younger sister, Madhuri. She is married to a wonderful person and I am very fond of my brother-in law, Shantnu.

My interests:

History- History fascinates me. There is nothing like the past to spark my interest. History is so full of mysteries and odd happenings that one could spend a lifetime studying them.

Reading- Reading is the best hobby one can develop in life. I developed this interest quite late in life but now it has become my passion. It has helped me in expanding my horizons. I love to read history, biographies, religion, spirituality, leadership and at times fiction too.

Travelling- Travelling is a job for a few; for others a means to get away from the usual grind, but, for a lucky few like me, it is both, a job and a hobby. I love seeing different places- both within India and outside. In India, Goa and outside of India, New York, Los Angeles, London, Dubai and Singapore are my favourite cities.

Astrology- Astrology is an intriguing subject and it is really thrilling to know the effect of various planets on our lives. I have a deep interest in Astrology as a subject and am having belief in its findings. I truly believe that each and every day of our lives is pre-defined by the position of the stars at the time of our birth. I believe that the position of the stars and planets at a specific time can be responsible for certain actions and emotions too. For instance, if my planetary positions are bad for a day, my day somehow turns upside down and I have experienced it many times. I don’t follow it blindly but I do have a faith in this science. Our life is 50% Karma and 50 % destiny and destiny is what Astrology defines.

My Religious views:

I respect all religions but my personal faith is in Hinduism and I am proud to be born a Hindu. I worship Lord Shiva and I feel a deep sense of connect with him. My ultimate desire is to visit Mount Kailash at Mansarovar Lake before I leave this world. I firmly believe in the teachings of Ramayana and Sh. Bhagavad Gita too.

My Political views:

I truly believe that one’s political views clearly denote one’s spiritual views. I am not a member of any political party, i have supported both BJP & Congress from time to time. While I hold my own political views, I don’t want to be too wrapped up in individual candidates and personalities, but instead focus on the real issues. I have been mostly inspired by Gandhiji’s life and his struggle for freedom movement and love for his countrymen. After him, the only politician for whom I have huge respect is Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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